Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ender's Game - the Movie

While I may despise the bigoted politics of Orson Scot Card I have always enjoyed his science fiction novels.  The Ender's Game series and the Ender's Shadow series are among his best.  When I heard that they were going to make a movie of Ender's Game I could only wonder how they would screw it up.  Well I watched the movie and they didn't.  Yes, when you make a two hour movie based on a 500 page novel you are going to have to leave a lot out but they did capture the spirit of the novel.  The only deviation was really the ending which will make it difficult for them to produce sequels  based on the other three books in the series.  I'm not really sure that the rest of the series is movie material however as they are more philosophical than action packed.

This is a war movie that is an anti-war movie - a story about children fighting old men's wars.  Not unlike young men and women sent to fight old men's wars.  As it turns out this was not a war that needed to be fought.  Although the novel was written long before George W. Bush this is a case against pre-emptive  war.  Ender realized this and suffered his own form  of PTSD because he won.

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